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Why Keep Your Original Factory A/C System?

We know you have thought about it when planning to restore or modify your classic car or truck - "Should I keep this factory A/C system?"  We get emails and calls all the time as owners seek validation for keeping their classic system and the costs to maintain.  Well, if you ever wondered, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • It’s cool.  Literally!  Since many classic cars and truck did not come with factory air-conditioning, and even those that did were often stripped of key parts at some point in its life, having a classic with factory air-conditioning helps it to stand out from the crowd.  Especially if it’s functioning and kicking cool air.
  • Resale value.  Having the original functioning factory air-conditioning has proven to help increase resale value.  It can also help your car sell ahead of one without factory air conditioning.
  • There are still options for getting it fixed, and in some cases, more efficient.  Original Air offers customer rebuilding & fabrication services for many parts for your classic.  We also manufacture model specific (and sometimes custom) parallel-flow condensers, sell model specific Stage-1, 2 & 3 A/C performance upgrade kits designed to improve the factory air-conditioning.
  • No need to modify your car.  Many aftermarket air-conditioning systems require some sort of modification to the vehicle and may not fit as well as the factory engineered system

So, don't think about it!  If you have a factory A/C car or truck, keep it and enjoy the benefits of being cool.

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9/28/2018 4:31 PM
That’s not an original compressor
9/30/2018 2:25 PM
I have always enjoyed having factory air since purchasing my GTO in 1969 new. However the high cost of recharging the unit with R-12 became an issue over the years.  

So I contacted "Original Air Group" for guidance in converting the system over to 134a coolant.
Their provided me step by step instructions so to understand the process.
They calibrated my original POA valve, provide me new replacement items (Hoses, Clamps, Dryer).  
Now that enjoyment has returned with nice cool air for my factory system.
Their knowledge and assistance was extremely helpful and the workmanship performed was prefect.
Factory is the way to stay!!!

Jerry Malone