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Upgrade Kits

High Performance Upgrades for your Original A/C System!

Modern air-conditioning systems are more efficient largely because of improved condensers, evaporators & compressors. Original Air's high-performance model-specific or custom upgrade kits serve as an easy way to update the air-conditioning in your classic Ford, General Motors or Mopar car or truck.

Air Conditioning Upgrades


  • Stop annoying shaft seal leaks. The original OE compressors have a strong tendency to leak at the shaft seal if the air-conditioning is not used on a regular basis; sometimes in as little as two weeks of non-use! This will not be a problem with the Sanden-style rotary compressor.
  • Converting to 134a? Depending upon the type of kit you purchase, you get all or most everything needed to convert to 134a except the refrigerant itself. (CLICK THE THUMBNAIL BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON CONVERTING TO 134a)
  • Modern condenser. Our highly efficient direct replacement parallel flow, piccolo-tube or serpentine condenser significantly improves system performance with better heat exchange.  Better heat-exchange means colder a/c!
  • Modernize the appearance of your engine compartment. The smaller & cleaner look of the Sanden-style compressor combined with Original Air’s parallel flow condenser and pre-formed tubes are designed specifically to fit your stock application. Not only does it fit properly, but it looks good too!
  • Save Horsepower. Rotary compressors draw significantly less horsepower of stock OE compressor; approximately 2-4 horsepower compared with 15-20 horsepower.
  • Increase Fuel Economy. Less horsepower draw means better gas-mileage.
  • Save Weight. The compressor is less than half the weight of stock OE compressor.
  • Running engine at high RPM? The compressor can handle 6,000 continuous RPM!