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Original Air provides various options for upgrading your existing factory A/C system to look and perform better.  We provide model specific & custom built kits to upgrade your compressor or your entire system.

Stage 1: A/C Compressor Upgrade Kits – Our easy-to-install high performance rotary compressor upgrade kits will not only help you solve and prevent compressor related system failures for good & insure against commonly leaking shaft-seals, but also save horsepower (draws only 2-4 horsepower, compared to 15-20), give you better fuel economy and performance and allow for a continuous duty rating of 6,000 RPM.  It's also a great start to converting your air conditioning system from to 134a!  Typical kits includes the compressor & mount or adapter brackets, compressor hoses and filter-drier or accumulator.

Stage 2 & 3: Complete Engine Compartment A/C Upgrade Kits – These easy-to-install kits combine our compressor upgrade kits with our high-performance parallel-flow condenser and all the liquid lines and/or hoses.  It’s the most reliable way to modernize your muscle car’s air-conditioning performance for a worry-free cold a/c for years.  Our kits are complete turnkey replacements and will eliminate most of the troublesome problems in your existing system.

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