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September's Cool Ride: Bobby's 1977 Ford F100 Ranger 302

My truck was originally purchased new by my father William Council. It was used primarily as a farm truck for many years. My brother Billy was given the truck in the nineties after my father became unable to drive.

He did some restoration to the engine, transmission, and body/paint. He sold the truck to me in December of 2009.

I have had the truck repainted, new chrome, and rebuilt the rear end. I also added a retractable tonneau cover, headers, and a bench seat from a 1996 Ford F150.

I had the factory air replaced with an Original Air compressor kit which includes the hoses and compressor. The truck is a great vehicle to drive and is really an eye-catcher on the road. I know that my father would really be proud of the vehicle today and I wish he was here to see it, as he passed in 1998.

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