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Scratch & Dent A/C Deals

If you are looking for a deal on original, factory A/C parts, check out our list of items that did not meet our ready-to-ship standards and save a few dollars if you are okay with a less than perfect part!  All items carry the same warranty, but has various minor cosmetic flaws.

Limited to stock on hand and you must call us directly at 877-544-9023 to secure your order:

Item SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity
01-106 SD69½-70 Mustang/Cougar Evaporator Coil - New$187.992.00
01-174 SD69-69 1/2 MUSTANG/COUGAR EVAP$187.991.00
01-180 SD66 Mustang Evaporator coil-New$187.991.00
01-201 SD67-69 Camaro Firebird 71-early 74 Nova/X-Body (Big-Block) Evaporator****SOLDSOLD
01-202 SD67-69 Camaro 68-early 74 Nova Evaporator (Small Block) ****SOLDSOLD
01-204 SD74-76 Camaro Firebird EvaporatorSOLDSOLD
01-205 SD77-79 Camaro Firebird EvaporatorSOLDSOLD
01-206 SD80-81 Camaro Firebird Evaporator (exc. Turbo Trans-Am) ****SOLDSOLD
01-209 SD68-72 Chevelle, El Camino & Monte Carlo EVAPORATOR ****SOLDSOLD
01-216 SDCorvette 69-72 Evaporator$215.991.00
01-217 SDCorvette 73-Early 77 EvaporatorSOLDSOLD
01-218 SDCorvette Mid-77-79 Evaporator - Replaces 15-673/3036433 (No Ports on Suction Fitting)SOLDSOLD
01-220 SD67-72 Chevy Truck EvaporatorSOLDSOLD
01-300 SDMopar Evaporator 70-74 E-Body 71-74 B-Body Evaporator$196.002.00
02-220 SD70-72 Chevelle A/C Defrost Duct$219.992.00
03-200 SDGM Vacuum Canister ****$63.991.00
09-112 SD16" 6 Blade Fan$47.195.00
11-101 SD64-66 Mustang/64-65 Ranchero/Falcon/Comet Condenser$159.994.00
11-102 SD67-68 Mustang/Cougar Condenser$204.008.00
11-1020 SDCondenser 16x18 Parallel Flow$100.002.00
11-102P SD67-68 Mustang/Cougar Condenser (Parallel Flow)$196.001.00
11-103 SD69-70 Mustang/Cougar Condenser$204.0021.00
11-104 SD71-73 Mustang/Cougar, 70-71 Torino/Ranchero/Montego, 70 Fairlane Condenser$204.005.00
11-1042 SDCondenser 14 1/4 X 24 6MM AluminumSOLDSOLD
11-1089 SDCondenser 14½ X 19 6MM Aluminum (B)$100.001.00
11-1113 SDCondenser 13 1/2 x 24 Parallel Flow$100.002.00
11-221P SD73-82 Corvette Condenser Parallel FlowSOLDSOLD
11-300 SD66-E70 Mopar B-Body Condenser$251.991.00