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Restoration - Mopar Controls


What does a control do?

Controls are typically mounted in or below the dashboard, and allow for controlling all air-conditioning, heating and defrost functions.

Why restore your controls?

Many system malfunctions are as a result of control switch failure or having controls fall out of calibration. Yours might also need a little help with its cosmetic appeal!

Classic Auto Air can take your original control and restore it both cosmetically and functionally to insure it’s working correctly. We also offer individual switch replacement or reconditioning services.

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Vacuum Canisters

Vacuum canisters store vacuum supply for vacuum operated controls, such as switches on controls and vacuum actuators throughout the dash & engine compartment. These canisters keep a constant storage of vacuum so your a/c & heating system can operate correctly even when your engine requires vacuum.

Classic Auto Air offers the GM vacuum canister, which is correct for 1968-70 B-Body Mopars and also fits most other mid 60’s to mid 70’s Mopars. Part # 3-300. Call or Message Us!

Shown 68-70 B-Body A/C Vacuum Canister

Shown 68-70 B-Body A/C Vacuum Canister