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Restoration - Mopar Compressors


What’s a car air conditioning compressor?

The compressor is a belt driven engine-mounted pump that serves as the heart of your car’s air conditioning system. It draws refrigerant gas from the Evaporator, compresses it into a hot gas and pumps it to the Condenser.

We offer parts and restoration services for a Mopar RV2 & HH Tecumseh compressors, clutches, clutch brushes, clutch bearings, manifolds and shaft seals. Have a question? All you have to do is call or Message Us.

Compressor Restoration?

Why restore your compressor?

You should restore or replace your compressor if:

Your air conditioning system has poor system gauge readings

The compressor is leaking, has seized or is knocking

You’re converting the system to 134a, More on Converting to 134a!

Your AC system has been inoperable for a long period of time

You’re doing a complete air conditioning system restoration.

Classic Auto Air can custom restore your original Chrylser RV2 or HH Tecumseh compressor for you.