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Restoration - GM POA Valves

GM POA Valves


POA Valve Restoration


We can restore your GM POA valve. We can either recondition it or rebuild it.

POA Valve reconditioning consists of:

  • Test & flush clean internally
  • Zinc plate
  • POA Valve rebuild consists of:
  • Cut open, disassemble
  • Inspect, clean and replace damaged parts
  • Calibrate for R12 or 134a
  • Assemble
  • Zinc plate
  • Test

Rebuilding services are only available only available on an original Frigidaire valve. Delco valves are not rebuildable. For more information on the difference, please click here.

What does a POA valve do?

All air conditioning systems have something built into the system to prevent the evaporator from getting so cold that it freezes up. In some systems, this mechanism is a thermostat, but in most mid 60's to mid 70's GM vehicles, it's a POA (Pilot Operated Absolute) Valve.

A thermostat prevents the Evaporator from freezing by cycling the compressor on and off based on evaporator temperature. A POA Valve prevents the evaporator from freezing by by-passing excessive system pressure. Note that in a POA Valve type system, the compressor runs constantly whenever the air conditioning system is operating.

Why have my POA valve calibrated, reconditioned or rebuilt?

If you are converting to 134a, your car's POA valve will need to be calibrated to by-pass at different pressures. We offer 134a calibration with any reconditioning or rebuilding service.
A good indication that your POA Valve may be failing is a high low-side system gauge reading, a normal high-side system gauge reading and no cooling.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about POA Valves


Here are some before and after pictures of POA Valve rebuilds:


15-51 Type-1 GM POA Valve - Before

   15-51 Type-1 GM POA Valve Before


15-51 Type-1 GM POA Valve - After

   15-51 Type-1 GM POA Valve After




15-52 Type GM POA Valve - Before

   15-52 Type GM POA Valve Before


15-52 Type GM POA Valve - After

15-52 Type GM POA Valve After


Buick Skylark, GS & Special late 65-73 15-51 Type-1
Buick Electra late 65-72 15-52
Buick LeSabre late 65-72 15-52
Buick Riviera 66-70 15-51
Buick Riviera 71-72 15-52
Buick Wildcat late 65-70 15-52
Cadillac late 65-early 73 15-52
Chevy Corvette 67-72 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Camaro 67 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Camaro 68-69 15-51 Type-2
Chevy Camaro 70 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Camaro 71-73 15-52
Chevy Chevelle 66-68 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Chevelle 69-72 15-51 Type-2
Chevy Chevelle 73 15-51 Type-1
Chevy El Camino 66-68 15-51 Type-1
Chevy El Camino 69-72 15-51 Type-2
Chevy El Camino 73 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Impala & Caprice 66 15-51
Chevy Impala & Caprice 67-73 15-52
Chevy Monte Carlo 70-73 15-51 Type-2
Chevy Monte Carlo 73 15-51 Type-1
Chevy II/Nova 68 15-51 Type-1
Chevy II/Nova 69-early 74 15-51 Type-2
Chevy & GMC Truck 67-72 15-51 Type-1
Chevy Vega 71-72 15-52
Olds Cutlass, 442 & F85 late 65-mid 73 15-51 Type-1
Olds Delta 88/98 late 65-73 15-52
Olds Toronado 66-70 15-51 Type-1
Olds Toronado 71-72 15-52
Pontiac Bonneville 65-70 15-51 Type-1
Pontiac Bonneville 71-mid 73 15-52
Pontiac Catalina 65-70 15-51 Type-1
Pontiac Catalina 71-mid 73 15-52
Pontiac Grand Prix late 65-70 15-52
Pontiac Grand Prix 71-early 73 15-51 Type-1
Pontiac GTO, LeMans & Tempest 66-72 15-51 Type-1
Pontiac Firebird 67-69 15-51 Type-1
Pontiac Firebird 70-73 15-52

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