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Restoration - Ford Suction Valves

Suction Valves

(POA, By-Pass, Suction-Throttle)

What is a suction valve?

The suction valve (aka Suction Throttle, By-Pass or POA Valve) is found on some late 60’s & through early70’s Fords. It is mounted to the evaporator’s suction (top) outlet and regulates system pressures so as to prevent the evaporator from freezing up.

Why restore my suction valve?

A good indication that your suction valve has failed or is failing is a high low-side system gauge reading. This is either as a result of contaminants locking the valve or clogging the valve up or valve failure. If you’re converting to 134a, your valve will need to be properly calibrated as by-pass pressures differ from that of R12. More on Converting to 134a!

For more information on restoring your Suction Valve, please call or email now!

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