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Ford POA Valves

Ford POA Valves

Pilot Operated Absolute (POA) Valves are the Suction Valves that were used on some 70's Ford vehicle air conditioning systems.

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Ford POA Valve NOS YG-159

New Old Stock replacement part for 1975 Ford Granada and 1975 Mercury Monarch

Ford POA Valve NOS YG-195 or

We list these two New Old Stock replacement parts as one part number because they are functionally interchangeable.

They fit the following Ford vehicles:

Mustang II 74-76
Pinto 74-76
Thunderbird 72-73 & 76-78
Torino Late 76

Mark 72-73 & 76-78

Cougar 74-76
Montego 73-74

Ford POA Valve Reconditioning

Complete our Parts Restore Form and send us your Ford POA Valve.

If it passes a series of tests, we can recondition and recalibrate it for you.

POA Valve Reconditioning is the restoration service we perform on POA Valves that pass our initial tests. We can perform these services without having to cut your POA Valve open.

POA Valve Reconditioning includes:

  • Initial tests
  • Flush clean
  • Lubricate
  • Calibrate for R12 or 134a
  • Zinc plate
  • Final tests

If your Ford POA Valve fails any of our initial tests, it cannot be reconditioned and is worthless. We normally dispose of failed Ford POA Valves but if you want yours back, we can return it to you.

Air Conditioning Tip:

If you are replacing your POA Valve on an otherwise operating system, its failure is likely as a result of contaminants causing it to stick in the open position, forcing it to constantly by-pass.

As is the case with any air conditioning system, flushing the system to insure that re-used parts do not contaminate newly replaced or restored parts and replacing or restoring the car's Filter-Drier are essential to avoid a repeat of the same problem.