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Complete Mustang Air Conditioning System Restoration

1965 Original Mustang AC System

We are proud to supply original Mustang air conditioning systems and we are the world’s only supplier of complete restored 1964½-1973 Mustang original air conditioning systems.

For the 1964½-66 systems:
We restore one of our stock original units right down to the decal on the blower housing and a re-chromed front bezel. The rest of the system is built up of new, original or restored parts.

For the 1967-73 in-dash systems:
We restore an original evaporator/heater plenum, blower unit, reconditioned original controls & louvers, ducts, engine brackets and pulleys. The entire system is built up of new, original or restored parts.

Customers who are doing judging quality restoration or want to keep the interior of their car original will typically want to put a factory a/c system in their car. The Daily Driver uses a similar, but distinctively different interior evaporator unit. While the Perfect Fit system has components installed in the factory locations, the parts are not factory original. Installing factory a/c also helps increase the value of the original car.

If you have any questions regarding a restored complete factory a/c system, please contact us.