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Restoration - Ford Hoses-Lines


What do hoses and lines do?

Hoses and lines connect the elements of the air conditioning system. Hoses are flexible. Lines are hard. There are generally three main types of hoses & lines: Liquid hoses & lines, Suction hoses, and Discharge hoses. Liquid hoses & lines connect between the condenser and the expansion valve on the evaporator. Suction hoses connect the Compressor to the Evaporator. Discharge hoses connect the Compressor to the Condenser.

Why replace or restore my hoses & lines?

The air conditioning hoses & lines are the most common-wear items in the system and one of the first components to leak. Hose & line failure is a result of many things, including normal system wear, system neglect such as not changing the filter-drier, and extreme engine compartment temperatures. When converting to 134a, it is essential to change all rubber hoses to barrier hoses. More on Converting to 134a!

Replace all your hoses & lines!

Classic Auto Air has many model-specific hose & line kits for many popular Fords, including 1964½-73 Mustang, 1967-73 Cougars, 1964-65 Ranchero, 1964-65 Comet & 1964-65 Falcon. Click here for information on Ford Hose Upgrade Kits.

Buy a new hose or line!

Classic Auto Air has replacement hoses and lines for Mustang, Cougar, Ranchero, Comet, Thunderbird & Falcon. Replace any single hose or line with our direct bolt-on replacements that require no modification whatsoever. Built with correct specialized fittings using correct nylon covered suction and liquid hoses and the correct clear-tube coated aluminum. We even have the compressor hoses available for cars that have converted over to a Sanden-style compressor! Compatible with both R12 and 134a. More on Converting to 134a!

We have individual model-specific hoses for:

1964½-73 Mustangs, V8, and 6 cyl.

1967-73 Cougars

1964-65 Ranchero V8 & 6 cyl.

1964-65 Comet V8 & 6 cyl.

1964-65 Falcon V8 & 6 cyl.

1958-66 Thunderbird

Why restore my hoses & lines?

Because many hoses and lines are no longer made, Classic Auto Air offers restoration and duplication services.

Custom hose & line restoration services include:

All rubber lines replaced with barrier hose

Compatible with all refrigerants

Fittings restored, replaced, and/or repaired

Painted fittings are repainted & unpainted steel fittings are zinc plated

Pressure tested upon completion

1967-68 Mustang Sightglass Hose

*Part # 13-104

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