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Restoration - Ford Condensers


 What does a condenser do?

The condenser is the radiator-like device mounted in the front of the radiator in the engine compartment. It receives hot gas refrigerant from the Compressor, dissipates heat and thereby condenses the gas refrigerant to mostly liquid and sends it through the Filter-Drier and high-pressure liquid hose to the expansion valve. The condenser, along with the Evaporator, is the most important part in the a/c system at determining how cold vent temperature is.

Why restore your condenser?

Over time, many things can decrease the efficiency of your car’s condenser and most of the system function and efficiency depends on its proper function.

Typical indications of a problem with the condenser include leaking, high system head pressure readings and engine overheating.

These symptoms can be as a result of contamination (the condenser, along with the filter-drier, is one of the highest contaminant collectors in the system), corrosion, blocked passages, damaged cooling fins or it can simply develop a leak.

Classic Auto Air offers new replacement condensers for many applications, and restoration & duplicating services for situations when a new replacement is not available.

Condenser Reconditioning

Typical Condenser Before & After

Condenser reconditioning consists of:

  • Strip paint
  • Pressure test
  • Flush clean internally
  • Straighten fins
  • Repaint

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New Condensers

Classic Auto Air offers replacement condensers for most 1970’s & older Ford’s & Mercury’s. If we don’t have it, we can either duplicate your original or offer a custom alternative!

We also offer judging quality reproductions of the highly efficient original 1964½-73 Ford Mustang, 1967-73 Mercury Cougar, 1964-65 Ford Falcon & Ranchero & 1964-65 Mercury Comet, all aluminum, serpentine design. However, there is one major difference. Classic Auto Air has made the expensive investment in engineering and tooling to develop a new flat tube extrusion with 6 internal circuits for unsurpassed performance. Our new design creates 30% more contact area allowing considerably higher heat transfer rates over the stock 3-circuit tube. The aluminum serpentine (flat tube) condenser has always been considered superior to any other design in the industry and it just got better!

Our 1969-70 Mustang Condenser

1964½-66 Mustang Condenser. Part # 11-101
1967-68 Mustang Condenser. Part # 11-102
1969-70 Mustang Condenser. Part # 11-103
1971-73 Mustang Condenser. Part # 11-104

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