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Mopar Engine Compartment A/C Upgrade Kit

For a more efficient system and a clean engine compartment look, upgrade all of the air conditioning systems under the hood. Original Air’s Engine Compartment Upgrade Kit uses a high-performance condenser and compressor to connect to your classic’s original factory AC interior air conditioning components.

Why Upgrade Your Engine Compartment?

Modern systems are more efficient. Original Air's high-performance Engine Compartment Upgrade Kit takes the Compressor Upgrade Kit to the next level by upgrading the condenser and all of the hoses as well.

  • Converting to 134a? You get everything you need to convert to 134a except the refrigerant itself.
  • Modernize the appearance of your engine compartment. The smaller & cleaner look of the Sanden-style compressor combined with Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit series condenser and pre-formed tubes are designed specifically to fit your stock application. Not only does it fit properly, but it looks good too!
  • Save Horsepower. The Sanden-style compressor draws significantly less horsepower than a stock Mopar compressor. As little as 2-5 horsepower, compared to 10-15!
  • Save Weight. The Sanden-style compressor is significantly lighter than a stock Mopar compressor.
  • Increase Fuel Economy. Less horsepower draw means better gas mileage.
  • Running Engine at high RPM? The Sanden-style compressor can handle 6000 continuous RPM! Stock compressors can handle much less. Build up your engine and rev it up to leave someone in the dust and your stock compressor could lock up.

Shown - 70-74 Mopar E-Body (Challenger/Barracuda) Engine Compartment Upgrade Kit 383/440

Model Specific Engine Compartment Upgrade Kits for:

Custom Kits for other Chryslers, Dodges & Plymouths.