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Mopar Compressor Upgrade Kits

Are you tired of that huge, clunky, horsepower-stealing RV2 compressor sitting on your engine and stealing its thunder? You’re not alone.

Our Sanden-style compressor conversion kits will not only help you save on horsepower, give you better fuel economy and performance, operate at a continuous duty rating of 6,000 RPM, and save half the weight of the stock compressor, but they’ll look cool and keep you cool in the process as well! It's also a great way to start converting your air conditioning system from R12 to 134a!

Why Upgrade Your Compressor?

  • Eliminates rumble, vibration
  • 6,000 RPM continuous duty rating
  • Less horsepower, better fuel economy, and performance
  • Easy to install with NO modifications to the car
  • Half the weight & bulk of stock compressor
  • Clean & attractive under-hood appearance

Shown installed on a 71 Duster w/318

Shown installed on a 69 Coronet w/440

Typical compressor upgrade kit components.

High-performance 134a and R12 Sanden-style model-specific conversions are supplied with a Sanden-style compressor, mount brackets, idler pulleys, compressor hoses, thermostat, expansion valve, o-rings, hardware, refrigerant tape, and filter-drier. Excellent attention to detail makes for a very attractive under-hood appearance and an easy installation.

High horsepower engines – No problem! Sanden-style’s high-efficiency compressors have a continuous duty rating of 6,000 rpm and require an insignificant amount of power to turn. Stock compressors can handle much less RPM. Build up your engine and rev it up to leave someone in the dust and your stock compressor could lock up.

134a Conversion Kits are identical to the R12 Kit except supplied with a 134a compressor and proper hose fittings for system charging. 134a removes a higher heat load from the interior, so it is extremely important for the fan clutch and condenser to be in excellent condition on any 134a conversion.

If you drive your Mopar daily, then our extremely popular Sanden-style conversion is a must-have option for your factory A/C system. We’ll even take your old clutch as a trade, or buy it outright when your installation is finished.

Model Specific Compressor Upgrade Kits for:

Custom Kits for other Chryslers, Dodges & Plymouths

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