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Ford Hose Upgrade Kit

Why Upgrade Your Hoses?

  • Yours are bad, defective or just don’t look good
  • If one hose has failed, others are likely close behind
  • Key element of restoring your classic’s AC system
  • Part of your conversion to modern 134a refrigerant

Shown installed on a 1968 Mustang w/428

Mustang, Cougar, Ranchero, Comet, Falcon & Thunderbird Model Specific Kits

Replace your worn out air-conditioning hoses with our modern ones. Direct bolt-on hoses that require no modification whatsoever. Built with correct specialized fittings using correct nylon covered suction and liquid hoses and the correct clear-tube coated aluminum. Compatible with both R12 and 134a.

We have model specific kits for:

  • 1964½-73 Mustang, V8 and 6 cyl.
  • 1967-73 Cougar
  • 1964-65 Ranchero V8 & 6 cyl.
  • 1964-65 Comet V8 & 6 cyl.
  • 1964-65 Falcon V8 & 6 cyl.
  • 1958-66 Thunderbird V-8, R12 & 134a.
  • Custom Kits for other Fords & Mercury’s

1964-65 Mustang V8 Hose Set

1967-68 Mustang Cougar V8 Hose Set

1971-73 Mustang Cougar Hose Set

Other Models – Custom Solutions

If we don’t have a hose kit for your car, we can restore yours! Contact us and we’ll tell you how.