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The Secret Solution to Old Car Smell

As classics slowly begin emerging from their winter nap, you may notice a certain musty odor. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your AC. The older the classic and the longer the storage stay, the likelier your car can smell. These smells can range from cigarette smoke back from the 70s to mold spores due to poor storage. Here’s how ozone generators can fix the stench.

If it’s not the AC

To understand how these can fix the stink, we’ll have to explain how ozone generators work. They basically bleach the air. Ozone generators break apart oxygen molecules using electric discharge. These single atoms then attach to oxygen molecules making them O3 or ozone.

Because these generators can break apart oxygen molecules, they can thus break apart organic compounds suspended throughout the air. In other words, ozone reacts with odor molecules by transmitting the extra molecule. Once the molecule is transferred, its chemical makeup changes thus changing the compound that once smelled.

If you choose to use an ozone generator, please remember to evacuate the space. Ozone is not oxygen which means it can harm you once inhaled. Give it enough time for the ozone to revert back to oxygen before using the car which generally means a couple of hours.

Many sources discuss the dangers of using ozone. However, those taking the right precautions can avoid any negative consequences. To give you better context, we consider carbon monoxide to be dangerous and rightfully so contributing to 2500 deaths a year. However, we don’t think about it much when we walk down the street next to running cars.

If it is the AC

Common smells coming from the AC include gas, mold, dirt, and sweet scents. If it smells like gas and you think it’s coming from your AC, it should be a strong smell. Gas-like smells from the AC can be minor or major issues. Sometimes the gas can be leftover from filling up your car or it can be anything from a gas leak to an engine issue.

If it smells moldy, it could just be because of your car’s age. Over time, as air goes through the system, the water that is used can turn into mold. To prevent this, make sure you don’t blast your AC. This way, you produce less water. Lastly, check your AC to confirm no leaks or other issues exist. Older cars can smell dirty. If the scent comes from your AC, you may have neglected to clean your air filters. Filters can collect harmful pollutants, mold, dust mites, and other dirt that cause foul smells.

Although sweet smells can bug you less, they can mean more damage. Many times, these smells are an issue with the cooling system since it uses coolant and antifreeze. This sweet scent can be toxic and should be addressed immediately.

If that old smell can't seem to go away you may need to think about restoring your car's AC. If you need help with your restortation of your AC, Orginal Air can help.   Original Air can restore nearly any car air conditioning part from your 1950's through 1990's classic car plus newer models. If you don't see the serivice part you need, contact us! We'd like to help.

March's Cool Ride: Michael's 1965 Mercury Parklane 390

I found the car for sale on Craigslist in Northern Indiana. I took the front end of the car a part rebuilt the engine, transmission and sent the stock AC parts to Original Air for a rebuild. They did great work!

Original Air components I have on my car are the condenserhoses, compressor, drier, and expansion valve.