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Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

Do Kits Work with Headers?

We often get asked if our kits will or will not work with headers. Most recently, we got asked, “Will the upgrade kit 23-231 brackets work with headers?” The not-so-simple answer is: it depends.

Not all of our kits mount to the exhaust, typically Chevrolet. They will work with factory exhaust manifolds and most headers. However, you have to consider a number of variables with headers. The thing you need to take into consideration is the tube size and style of the header. Some headers may just not work. Others might require a slight bracket modification to clear the front header tube.

The Chevy compressor mounts were designed for either exhaust manifolds or headers. However, Chevy mounts were designed to the engine and not any particular vehicle. There are HUNDREDS of different header designs out there, tailored to each individual vehicle and while the mounts will work with most headers, there is a chance they may need to be modified slightly to fit a particular type of header. Some may take a little more work and in RARE circumstances, they will not work at all. 70s small block Chevy trucks are the only ones we’ve come across. So far.

Our Pontiac/Olds/Ford/Mopar mounts do not attach to the exhaust, so there’s never an issue there.

To those who have similar questions, we would say unless you are running super-comp headers, you might require slight modification. Otherwise, you should be fine.

But if you have any specific questions on headers and our kits, call us at 1-877-233-5523.

February's Cool Ride: Stephen's 1971 Ford Mach

I've had for 49 years. It's at 600,000 miles. Yes, I still drive it. I love this car. PS, PB, air, cruise, automatic C6. Been all over the country. I also rebuilt the original motor in 2001.

Original Air components are condenser, hoses, compressor, switch, and control.