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Blog posts of '2019' 'January'

Firebird Conversion Project

A short while ago, we received an evaporator unit from a client. It's originally from a 1969 Firebird that we're going to convert into a 1970 Nova. You can see it's stuffed with a lot of debris so first, we're going to do a little cleaning. On top of some mild maintenance, it clearly took some heavy fiberglass damage in transit, so we're going to have to also repair the damage it received being shipped.

Check out some before photos of the part, and stay tuned for this Firebird's conversion into a 1970 Nova evaporator unit!

Mecum Auctions

This past week, we checked out some of the amazing classics for sale at the Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee, Florida. We came across this 1967 Buick Riviera. She had a 430 CI V-8 engine along with a 4 barrel carburetor and automatic transmission. Her factory air-conditioning, clock, and gauges all remain intact. She also has soft ray tinted glass and clean, vinyl roofing that makes any other convertible pale in comparison. Take a peek at this beauty:

Although we'd prefer to drive countless miles through Kissimmee as opposed to walking, we've had a spectacular time so far. Stay tuned for more!