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Car Show Theft Prevention Tips

Car Show Theft

Stolen. Not a word you would expect to say or think of at a charity car show, but thefts do happen at car events where many of us assume that others will respect our vehicle and property. Cameras, shift knobs, diecast models, rare literature, and manufacturer branded items are just some of the many things that get lifted from cars on display. It’s quite easy considering that almost all the cars are unlocked, windows are down and hoods are open as we share our pride and joy. To avoid the disappointment and anger that theft can bring, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t Bring It – If your show car also serves as a daily driver, or you use it for trips and errands, consider cleaning it out before going to a car event. Your significant other or kids may have left something of value in your ride that you may not want to lose.
  • Backpack – If you carry a nice DSLR or video camera, keep a backpack handy and carry it with you while at a show or event. It’s also handy for throwing in snacks and drinks and will make it easy if you decide to buy that part you happen to come across. If it’s not in the car, it can’t be stolen.
  • Lock It Up – If you are at a car show or car auction where you will not be within sight of your car for more than a few minutes, consider locking it up. This includes putting the windows up and closing the trunk and hood. Don’t take for granted that other car enthusiasts are as respectful as you.
  • Throw It In The Trunk – Most classic and muscle cars have a sizable trunk that locks. Use it! Just grab all your stuff and put it back there. An effective way to deter theft is to keep items out of sight.
  • Trunk Enclosure – A trunk enclosure allows for you to display your trunk openly, but has the capability of having all of your stuff hidden behind panels. Check out Alien Enclosures to see how they work and how cool it is to have a functional trunk without distracting from vehicle coolness.

Car shows are awesome and we love to share our enthusiasm and passion for cars with everyone. However, not everyone has the same level of respect for property and nothing can ruin an awesome day than to discover something has been removed from your vehicle without permission. Keep these tips in mind and may you never have to experience theft at a car show event.